Spring and allergic rhinitis


Spring is the best season in years, trees sprout emerged fortune. But spring is also the time of “suffering” of those suffering from allergic rhinitis, which causes the tiny pollen from trees, weeds in the air.

Pollen – The “culprit” causes allergen.

Pollen is small seeds round or oval that  the main function is reproduction through pollination. Pollination can be in the same tree or by wind and bees, butterfly from flower to another flower.

Pollen in the wind bounces away. It should be noted that the pollen of trees needs wind pollination back to cause more allergies than pollen from the bees fly from flower to another flower . Pollen flying into the nose when we breathe air, and antibodies against the body produces histamine. Histamine causes the symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as runny nose, itchy nose and mouth, nasal congestion caused by mouth breathing, sneezing; itchy eyes, watery eyes, puffy eyelids. Someone consecutive sneezing. Many dry cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, especially at night insomnia.

Nasal congestion is the main symptoms of the disease most annoying. In severe cases, can lead to sinusitis, otitis interna, the whole body fatigue, headache, irritability…  allergic rhinitis attacks can last half an hour, occur several times a day or extended few weeks to affect the activity and health of the patient.

Spring and allergic rhinitis
Spring and allergic rhinitis

Avoid contact with allergic rhinitis agents

Allergic rhinitis is caused by pollen spring due to environmental factors cause, so can be prevented by avoiding exposure to allergic agents.

It should be noted, the amount of pollen in the air from midnight to 8 am is the highest, especially on sunny, warm and dry days, . During this period the maximum to avoid going outdoors, close the door. If you need to go out to wear a mask to avoid inhaling pollen in the air.

Shouldn’t hang out the clothes outside the garden, to avoid pollen. After working in the garden, working in the fields should bathing, changing clean clothes before go to sleep to avoid inhaling pollen on monarch clothes and hair.

Spring and allergic rhinitis
Spring and allergic rhinitis
  • In Spring  in addition to entertainment, we also need to pay attention to their health, prevent diseases related to allergies, in particular pollen allergy. Above, we give the information about the spring and allergic rhinitis. We hope this will be a useful source of information for readers.