Notes: 8 unusual allergies


Anyone can be allergic to pollen, pet dander, mold, peanuts, wheat, shrimp… But allergies with water, with exercise… then you believe it? New heard as a great joke, but in fact, there are many people allergic to something seemingly innocuous.

Water: Some people are “afraid” of water, because the body contact with water, they would be rash, intense itching and pain. They are almost impossible to bath without the help of anti-allergic drugs.

Notes 8 unusual allergies - 1
Notes 8 unusual allergies – 1

Sex: in love, many women find it hard to breath, body rash, vaginal swelling and itching. It is a sign of allergies to semen. However, if unfortunately among this particular allergy, you also do not worry because there are safety measures, such as using a condom when having sex.

Sun: Sun allergy is an immune system reaction to sunlight, usually manifested as headache, itching, rash and nausea, but also can cause severe symptoms such as blisters and bleeding under the skin. Some special cases, just a few minutes of exposure to the sun are being the above reaction occurred. Just stay in the shade or sealed body when go out, that everything will be okay.

The electronic device: Many people don’t want to close the electronic device, simply because they are migraines, chest pain, rash while standing near the device in the electromagnetic field.

Shoes: The glue, plastic and other materials to create shoes, sandals make many people feel itchy, dry skin peeling, cracking and bleeding. If you go stockings to reduce exposure, the sweat to aggravate the situation. People who are in this allergies can only be safe when using the shoes, sandals and socks made from materials other than those already allergens.

Underwear: People who are allergic to the chemicals in particular underwear and synthetic fabrics in general will be itchy, burning when exposed to the unusual object. The solution is the use of natural fabrics that are manufactured under clean technologies.

Chocolate: Chocolate can cause allergic reactions include headache, rash or shortness of breath for some people..

Notes 8 unusual allergies - 1
Notes 8 unusual allergies – 1

Cold: rash, freight, if it gets too cold cracking is normal. But if the body rashes, itching and swelling, in severe cases can be passed, even death on contact with objects, air is lower than 360c, it should be noted keep the body warm and careful exposure to the objects around.

  • Allergic disease is no longer a strange disease for us, but the cause of this status is not well understood clearly, even the natural elements are very close to humans as water, sun… things are indispensable in life can become the cause allergies. Our article provides a lot more information about the disease, readers please be mindful to protect the health of yourself  very well.