Learn about atopic dermatitis


Atopic dermatitis is a manifestation of allergic in the skin, there are genetic factors and excessive response to environmental antigens.

In this disease, with the participation of the immune response mediated by cells and have very high IgE production. Other symptoms of atopic atopie as asthma, rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis, food allergies. The disease often have the transition from one form to another in life. The allergen that responsibility is the big protein, normally not penetrate into the epidermis, except in the case of people with allergies have abnormalities of the skin. Indeed, we found a decrease in the production of ceramid (as constituents of cement between cells). Keratinocytes become less stable, increasing water loss, the loss of tight tissue. Fences hydrolipid become permeable to allergens. From the period of susceptibility to allergic manifestations of involvement of Langerhans cells, with the presentation to lymphocytes ‘T’ specificity, activation and replication of these cells, the production of specific IgE to allergens through the B lymphocytes….

Learn about atopic dermatitis1
Learn about atopic dermatitis1

Itching, sometimes impact  very severe on the quality of life of patients and sleep. Dry skin is a regular expression, even in periods of disease remission. In infants, the first manifestation of atopic dermatitis usually occurs in three months of age. In children over 2 years of acute attacks and slowly drip rare, thickened skin lesions caused by scratching. Pigmented and can be cracked. The lesions are usually localized in the folds (neck, elbows, knees, buttocks crease, under the ear, or the region as eyelids, around the mouth, hands …). In teenager and adults are often more diffuse lesions, dry, mostly on the face, hands, eyelids, neck.

+ The diagnosis relies on clinical and allergy tests, such as test guideline), skin prick test, serum IgE quantification…

Treatment daily:

- There needs preventive measures to limit exposure to the causative agent of skin irritation, eg, domesticated animals, insects, dust, food allergies etc…

Learn about atopic dermatitis1
Learn about atopic dermatitis1

The treatment of dry skin is very important. Need to use the reliever effects of hydration and re-establish hydrogen lipid of the skin. Should choose a neutral cream, no perfume or preservatives. This cream must contain potentially acquire and hold water in the stratum corneum. Mannitol and glycerin in the structure of the hydrophilic hydroxyl group, acid lactic has the ability to acquire water. Urea has the same effect, but sometimes irritate and tolerance for difficult children. Macromolecules such as collagen and hyaluronic acid to create a film layer on the surface  restricts water loss. The ceramid, cholesterol, phospholipids and essential fatty acids reestablished corneum. Noting that preparations with almond oil, peanut oil, sesame, walnut can cause allergies. In practice, usually  applied abates once or twice per day, depending on the skin also needs to moisturize. Atopic dermatitis are applied on dry skin and allergies in the region, followed by treatment with topical corticosteroids or tacrolimus. Should avoid applying abates at the time of the disease outbreak (risk increases even burns pruritus).

  • The article provides information on atopic dermatitis - this is a fairly common disease by pathogens are very close to humans. So, everyone please protect your skin and protect healthy body.