The hurt eyes allergy meets often and how to treat


The article will discuss about the hurt eyes allergy that occurs commonly and some ways to treat with this disease.

Allergic conjunctivitis: is the most common eyes allergy. The main symptoms are itchy eyes, running eyes with characteristics: purely color, stickiness, liquid, watery, sometimes thickly; heavier edema, convulsive eyelids, and photophobia.

The special disease in this group can be codex mentioned as hugely papillary conjunctivitis in people with contacting glasses. In eyelids can also an expression of parallel infection.

Corneal inflammation: Due to an avascular organization, it must be fed by the oxygen and permeability. Thus, the allergic expression seems quieter and more rare. The inflammation of the cornea is usually caused by the endogenous factors such as interstitial corneal inflammation can be caused by bacterial toxins tuberculosis allergy – syphilis spirochetes, nodular corneal inflammation due to allergies streptococcus, inflammation of the cornea after herpes virus infection, chickenpox, shingles… A rarely case is inflammation in the sclera and the top of the sclera. Thence, inflammation of the top nodular sclera may be considered as eyes allergy.
Inside inflamed eyes: although any allergens come through hardly, we still may meet allergic diseases. Typically, in some disease, the substances of lenticular come out and the first time of its contacts with the inside environmental the eyeball. The substances of lenticular nature are an endogenous allergens. It can cause serious eyes allerfy such as allergic uveitis, glaucoma by lenticular.
eyes allergy
The hurt eyes allergy meets often and how to treat

The inflammation in the eye may be a part or accompany with allergic diseases of other organ system such as hay pollen allergy, allergic nasal sinusitis, food allergy, drug allergy, asthma, eczema…

How to treat?

When allergic eyes, the first thing is washing the eye with cold water, physiological saline or artificial tear. Ice is also an effective method to reduce eyelids swelling, reduce itching and excite due to vasospasm and stable cell membrane which has immune function. Patients should avoid rubbing, pressure in the eye. Ophthalmologists may allow you to use eyes drops belong to vasospasm groups, antihistamines… These drugs will push back and help you reduce quickly discomfort in the eye. However, you should note and apply with the restricting of usage time and dose. Because you use arbitrary or abuse these drugs. It can cause a few complications such as dry eye disease, multiple infections – herpes – bacteria. Oral antihistamines, vitamin C may also be advised depending on the disease. Products with corticosteroids should not use continuous or prolonged. You must always be careful with complications such as glaucoma, cataract.

In addition to drug treatment, the patient should detect allergens to avoid contact. Glasses forms don’t prevent thoroughly allergens from entering into the eye. It reduces significantly the risk of eyes allergy and soothe the discomfort in the eye due to allergy. A rare case, some people are allergic to your glasses with the expression as red skin, rash, blister on the face skin, eyelid skin coincides with the contact surface of glasses and skin.

eyes allergy
The hurt eyes allergy meets often and how to treat

When you feel discomfort in the eye, you should go to examine medical oncologist, don’t buy arbitrarily eye drops. When the doctor writes prescription let you tell the doctor about historical allergy. Even if the doctor has considered carefully before prescribing. The allergic ability eye drops may still occur. In this case, you should take the prescription to the nearest eye specialist base for diagnosis treatment.

You can be easily hurt your eyes by many factors. It must cause discomfort to eyes. Therefore, when you get eye pain, you should ask doctors idea. They give you a few useful advisory in order to reduce serious disease of eyes allergy.