Diagnostic test and treatment of Penicillin allergy


Penicillin allergy – How to diagnose and treat with this type of allergy?

Test and diagnosis

Doctors want to know about the past reaction to penicillin and can check or exclude other medical problems. Unless requiring penicillin Рbecause it is only effective antibiotic for a life-threatening situation or because of having allergic other antibiotics and having less the choice of treatment  Рdoctors may prescribe other antibiotics.

Doctors advise that you should go penicillin allergy test, if:

  • Having an penicillin allergy in the past, can no longer be sensitive the drug
  • Requiring penicillin for treatment
  • Doctors want to keep a stronger antibiotic than requiring state.
  • Because of the risk of anaphylaxis, penicillin allergy test should only be done by an allergy in a hospital or doctor office.

Skin test

This test can determine sensitive the drug, including the following things:

  • A small amount of penicillin is injected into the skin of arm or back.
  • If you are allergic with specific substances which are testing, develop a red, swell or react.
  • If skin test find penicillin that it is negative, doctors may suggest penicillin antibiotic or relevant antibiotics. If skin test find penicillin that it is positive, doctors can advise you avoid to use penicillin antibiotic and relevant antibiotics.
Penicillin allergy
Diagnostic test and treatment of Penicillin allergy – 1

Treatment and drugs

If you have an allergic reaction after taking penicillin antibiotic, should:

  • Stopping to drink the drug and talk your doctor about other antibiotics
  • Avoiding to take penicillin drug in the future
  • Treatment of the signs and symptoms develop in an allergic reaction with penicillin, depend on the type of reaction.
  • Anaphylaxis is the most heavy and meets rarely an allergic reactions with drug. It can be life-threatening and requires epinephrine (adrenaline) ¬†injection and cares emergency to maintain blood pressure and breathing support.
  • Rash may improve when treating by antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl, other styles). Serious reaction may require treatment by oral route or injecting corticosteroid .

Lifestyle and overcoming method

  • If you think that you have penicillin reaction in the past, let you talk the doctor and other health professionals, including dentists. Let you notify the doctor know about any new reaction, attend to take medication.
  • If the doctor determines that you are an allergic penicillin, it is a good idea to wear a health bracelet in order to warn allergic state. you can perform a notification card in your wallet or purse. These lists have available on prescription in all pharmacies or can be bought on the Internet.
Penicillin allergy
Diagnostic test and treatment of Penicillin allergy – 2


The best way to avoid an allergic reaction with penicillin and other antibiotics. If you need an antibiotic, the doctor will find a fit antibiotic for you. When the doctor or other health professional prescribe antibiotic, checking surely that it not belongs to in the penicillin group.

 Doctor advisory help you understand penicillin allergy. If you get this disease, let you go to see doctor. Doctor will find effective treatment for you. The best way to avoid an allergic reaction with penicillin and other antibiotics follow under guide of doctor.