Allergic asthma is caused by agricultural pollen


Changing of climate makes the earth warming as well as causes global disaster: the rising high of seawater and melting ice threat the lives of human and creature. In a recent information, scientists show that changing of climate also increases the number of people with allergic asthma due to pollen from agriculture.

In America, there are over 50 million people with allergy. According to scientists, in recent time due to changing of climate, the monocotyledonous seeds produce more pollen. One of the reasons that many people have a fever, and allergic asthma.

The type of agricultural pollen can fly up 400 miles. According to Dr. Clifford Bassett, Care Center of asthma and allergy in New York, the number of people with allergic asthma increase higher than 3 decades, about 50% of new patients get the disease above.

Recently, the Association of scientific research on allergy, immunology and asthma has the same opinion in the Journal of Agricultural Sciences Published May 9-2008 that the disease has great relevance to changing continuously of climate and crops, the seeds produce more pollen and increase the number of people with the disease, especially at the end of summer.

Allergic asthma is caused by agricultural pollen
Allergic asthma is caused by agricultural pollen

According to scientists, the indiscriminate use of carbon dioxide increases the pollen from 60-90%. “We see a clear trend of increasing pollen from seeds and leaves by the indiscriminate use of substances above” – Dr. Leonard Bielory, director of the studying specialize Centre of allergy and asthma at the University of Medicine New Jersey faculty says.

An ecologist Lewis Ziska, the US Department of Agriculture says that climate warming produces a large amount of dioxide. This increases the risk of people with allergic asthma from pollen agriculture. The increase of CO2 emission and the production of pollen kinds, which is accompanied by many people with allergy, Of course, the poor people get higher the disease and push them to miserable situation.

Obviously, the agricultural pollen issue becomes a risk of changing climate. Patients with allergy from many different environments: Source of water, air, food, residence. Allergy causes the symptoms such as sneezing, cough, inflammation… All these also affect to health.

In addition, it also causes headache, eye pain. So, let you be careful with this kind of pollen by clothes, thoroughly mask in the poor work environment.

Allergic asthma is caused by agricultural pollen
Allergic asthma is caused by agricultural pollen

Allergic asthma is caused by agricultural pollen. Changing of the climate as well crops affect directly to your health. You should not avoid this state. The agricultural pollen appears in the surrounding air and you often inhale it into the lung. So, you get easily the allergic disease. If you appear the symptoms of this disease, let you go to see your doctor. Your doctor will examine all body and find out the real cause in order to treat effective.