Treatment of atopic allergic dermatitis


Atopic dermatitis are called atopic eczema or chronic skin disease. The disease is common in people with atopic allergy or asthma, contacting dermatitis, allergic rhinitis.

The cause of the increase in atopic allergic dermatitis, the hot and humid weather makes the body fatigue, anorexia and causes the change of the body in each person. Some areas of skin contact with metals such as belts, watches, jewelry… it causes easily rash and itching.

Symptoms of the disease:

Symptoms of the disease are very different and depend on the stage of evolution. Acute vulnerable skin is common in children, the clearest expression is the circular pitch of erythema, exfoliate skin and on the surface has water acne and flake, secrets many inflammation and edema around.

This phase is usually very itchy, especially at night. It causes patients with insomnia, scratching too, and making abrasion and infection.

Chronic phase usually expresses with the pitch of erythema, keratosis, desquamation and pigmentation disorder. The vulnerable position of skin depends on the patient’s age and the level of disease.

In small child, the disease tends to acute disease and the vulnerable skin occurs on the face, scalp and limbs. In older children or patients with the disease for a long time, the vulnerable skin appears in the cleft of limbs. Atopic allergic dermatitis in adults usually express in hand.

Treatment of atopic allergic dermatitis
Treatment of atopic allergic dermatitis

To heal quickly, doctors need to determine the causes of the disease in order to avoid contacting the causes of it.

Kinds of the food make the disease become heavier, you should exclude from the diet of the patient. In children, you should note that the alternative foods avoid the children getting malnutrition.

In a case, the house dust is the mainly culprit. You should advise the patient to clean the bed, replace the cushion per week, use the fan to reduce humidity in the house… Avoiding the vulnerable emotion affects atopic allergic dermatitis. The different with  asthma and allergic rhinitis, the treatment reduces specific sensitivity. It doesn’t have effective with atopic dermatitis.

Drugs in the treatment of atopic allergic dermatitis:

Topical Glucocorticoid at place: it is usually used 2 times/ per day during the acute phase. Once the disease can be controlled, you anoint a day apart or 2 times/ a week at vulnerable area to prevent recurrence.

Side effects of topical glucocorticoid depend on the intensity and the use time of the drug. The symptoms of it are stretch mark, acne, vasodilation, skin atrophy… The kind of glucocorticoid has strong effects. They should use in the short term and in the keratosis area. Specially, it doesn’t use in face and thin skin.

UV radiation at place: it is used in heavy cases and doesn’t respond to the drug treatment. The side effects are rash, irritation, itching and discoloration.

Antihistamine: it is mainly used for the purpose of reducing itching. Itching usually increases at night. You can use these types of antihistamines. Because it has a sedative effect on the evening before sleeping.

Treatment of atopic allergic dermatitis
Treatment of atopic allergic dermatitis

In addition, you can use Glucocorticoid drug with oral or injected. With this drug, it improves good the clinical symptoms. However, it is rarely used. This disease often relapses stronger after stopping the use of the drug. In heavy cases, it doesn’t respond at local treatment. You can take an oral glucocorticoid for a short time and  reduce gradually the dose of it before stopping the use of the drug.

  • To treat the atopic allergic dermatitis disease, doctors try to find the causes of it. The causes affect directly to your health. The disease is expressed by the common symptoms. Thank to these symptoms, doctors can diagnose the disease and give the effective treatment for patients. The use of drugs reduce these symptoms of the disease. However, you should comply with the request and the treating way of doctors. You have a good health.