The support measures of allergic hives when drinking ale


Following is the support measures of allergic hives when drinking ale

  • Before drinking and noting: Do not drink in hungry stomach, because there is no food in the stomach, the body will absorb faster alcohol.
  • After drinking, before going to bedtime, should: Drinking a full glass of water.
  • Do not drink too much. For example, two people have equal weight and drink a quantity of ale as well, however, a person may be drunken a lot.
  • The next day, when waking up, let you drink immediately juice(do not drink lemon or orange juice which contains acids) or honey. Sugar helps the body burn easier alcohol.
allergic hives
The support measures of allergic hives when drinking ale – 1
  • Drinking plenty of water to help febrifuge body and unpleasant feeling.
  • Using a hot cup of soup or stew water, help the body offset the quantity salt and potassium.
  • Using lemon: squeezing a fresh lemon, using lemon water to drink, or cutting up slice to immediately eat. An amount highly xitoric acid of lemon will be ferment into alcohol, reduces alcohol concentration.
  • Using vinegar: When drunk, you drink immediately 25ml vinegar or boil 50ml vinegar, 25g brown sugar and 3 slices of ginger to drink. Vinegar is acetic acid liquid 5%, while drinking, it carries out the creating reaction between este with alcohol (ethanol), the alcohol concentration reduce up. Ginger has the effect of reducing intestinal spasms and nausea.
  • Using orange peel and tangerine peel: If using the orange peel or fresh tangerine peel, you take everything 20g for cooking kettle with 300 ml water to drink several times. If using the dried tangerine peel, you take 30g and dry brittle, comminute debris, accompany with 2-3 apricots for cooking kettle to drink.
  • Drinking solid tea: In tea, axittonic and caffeine substances effect good detoxification.
  • Drinking coffee: drawing solid coffee, don’t drink sugar, will use detoxification thank to caffeine in coffee. Or better way is used the hives treatment  by folk remedies to repel early the symptoms of disease.
allergic hives
The support measures of allergic hives when drinking ale – 2

Nobody uses aspirin or soda water to detoxify. It is a suicide way. Aspirin and alcohol drinking have the risk of bleeding stomach. Soda and alcohol drinking will make ethanol to run throughout the body, born  an large amount of carbonic anhydride, cause harmful to the stomach, liver, kidney, heart and blood vessels, increase blood pressure, even lead to death.


The articles give many support measures of allergic hives when drinking ale. By these ways, you will limit allergic hives. I believe that these methods are effective for you. Let you apply it. Wonderfully, the symptoms of allergic hives reduce significantly and extremely for your health. Especially, you should stay away aspirin and soda. Because you incorporate it with alcohol, you can be died.