Lifestyle and treatment of allergic peanut


With any food allergy, treatment includes the steps to avoid foods which cause reaction, learn the steps in order to reduce small symptoms, and know how to detect and react a serious reaction.

1. The treatment measure and drug

Preparing for reaction:

The only way to prevent a reaction avoid peanut and peanut products. Peanut is the popular, although by your effort, you can still contact peanut at some point.

For a mild allergic reaction, or antihistamine provision may help you reduce the symptoms. These drugs can be performed after contacting peanut, help you reduce itching or hives. However, antihistamines is not enough to treat a serious allergic reaction.

For a serious allergic reaction, may need emergency epinephrine injection and go to the emergency room. Many people are allergic, need to treat by autoinjector epinephrine (EpiPen, EpiPen Jr or Twinject). This device combines with syringe and needles, then you can be injected a dose on the thigh.

allergic peanut
Lifestyle and treatment of allergic peanut – 1

How to use autoinjector

If doctor has defined autoinjector epinephrine:

You should bring it at all times. It might be a good idea to keep an autoinjector in the car or in your desk.

You always instead it before the expiration date.

Knowing how to operate it, asking your doctor to know. Besides, make sure that closely people know how to use it – if someone can inject in anaphylactic emergency case, he or she can save live.

Knowing when you should use it, discussing your doctor about how to recognize when necessary. For a mild allergic reaction to peanut, may be OK and go straight to the emergency room without using an autoinjector.

  1. The lifestyle and overcoming measure

One of the key prevents allergic reaction, knows how to avoid foods which cause the symptoms. Following these steps:

Never supposing that foods will not contain peanut. Peanut can appear in food styles which never contain them. You always read the label of food production in order to ensure that they do not contain peanut products or peanut. Even thought you know this food, check the label. Ingredients can sometimes change.

allergic peanut
Lifestyle and treatment of allergic peanut – 2

You should not miss the label which is produced in a handles nuts factory. Most people who are allergic to peanut, need to avoid all products, have even a small amount of peanut.

When in doubt, let you say no. In restaurant and social gathering, it has always a risk that you could accidentally eat peanut. Many people do not understand the level of a food allergic reaction and may not realize that a small amount of food can cause a serious reaction in some people. If there is any doubt in all foods which cause allergy and stay away it.


  • The write mention to peanut allergy disease. You can easily get this disease, despite with small amount of food. You should go to doctor in order to give you the useful advise.
  • You need to pay attention the label of food production. The ingredients in food can hide a risk of seriously allergic reaction. Let you stay way it.