How to handle allergic milk powder


Children with mainly allergy can express in the intestinal tract and skin, they will be abdominal pain, diarrhea, skin itching, and a some other symptom.

After the baby drinks milk for about 2 hours, they start to appear vomiting, abdominal pain. Parents should immediately stop drinking and taking the baby’s stool go to rotavirus toxins test institute. First, it should eliminate the causes of bacteria or virus, and think about the issue of milk power, including allergic protein and inappropriate lactose. If milk is not appropriate after stopping drinking milk, the baby’s state will be controlled and improved.

allergic milk
How to handle allergic milk powder – 1

When the baby has allergic milk, should parents do?

When clear defining the baby with milk allergy, the best way to handle the following:

  1. Consistently breastfeed infant

The best way to prevent the baby with allergy be breastfeed by mother’s  milk, best maintain for 1 years old or more than 1 years old, mother’s milk does not normally cause allergic reactions.

  1. Changing another milk powder

The baby with allergic this milk powder kind should promptly change milk powder in order to prevent  nutrition for baby. For example, mothers should determine clear that their baby has allergic by protein components in milk, mothers can use ” anti-allergenic milk formula “or” soy protein formula “. It will be improved. The younger groups of high risk of allergy in the family with a history of allergy should use mother’s milk (if have) or “anti-allergenic formula” milk power  to reduce slightly allergy rate. In addition, using “partially hydrolyzed formula” has a similar effect.

  1. Away from source of food allergy

Restricting food intolerance can cause allergic factors such as milk powder, egg, peanut and hard-shelled nuts… For baby groups with high risk of allergy in 6 months eat hard food, after 1 years old begin to use dairy products, after 2 years old begin to eat egg, after 3 years old eat peanuts, walnuts and fish kinds.

         The baby doesn’t suffer from lactose, they should avoid eating dairy products

allergic milk
How to handle allergic milk powder – 2

Baby’s body does not suffer from lactose. The body can’t produce necessarily full lactose catalyst to digest. If lactose doesn’t pass through the digestive system and stop in the intestinal tract. It causes many intestinal problems such as frequent abdominal pain. If your baby doesn’t suffer from lactose, eating foods from normal milk will cause abdominal pain.

The baby doesn’t suffer from lactose, is unlike milk protein allergy, belong to symptoms occur continuously. If in long-term, the baby must be  abdominal pain or use some common antibiotics, it can cause symptoms of lactose intolerance.

For this group, the temporary transform to  milk powder formula which doesn’t contain lactose, waiting for baby’s intestinal symptoms recover normally, mothers can change to milk contains lactose formula.

In addition, mothers try to make children avoid eating dairy products and other lactose-containing foods such as biscuit, cereals, margarine, maionare, bread with milk…

Allergic powder milk is extremely for baby.  You should carefully care of their baby. If your baby gets an anorexia, let you go to see your doctor and talk about your baby health state. The doctor will find out reasonable methods in anorexia treatment. How to prevent this disease? Let you stay away your baby the allergic foods which affect serious to them.