Blown allergy in 7 days


Dr. Susanne Bennett, expert treats natural allergy and he is also author of the book “7 day escape allergic”, finding the cause of allergies may prevent recurrence of symptoms. “Drugs only relieve symptoms, but cannot eradicate. Let’s heal the body by finding out the source of the problem, “Bennett said on FoxNews.

Bennett guiding “therapy 7 days” as follows:

  1. Nutrition

The first step to improve health is limited food and drink that may be causing allergy from your diet. “I believe that what you eat has a huge impact on your body because the immune system and your gut is inflamed by the food that you eat.”

Bennett advised: “Please protect your gut by eliminating some foods are not good for the digestive system. For example, I see many people are sensitive to dairy products, sugar, mushrooms.

Blown allergy in 7 days - 1
Blown allergy in 7 days – 1
2. Water

When you drink more water, the water will break the link of harmful allergens, and eliminate toxins from the body. “The more water to drink, the less risk of allergies, but make sure that drinking pure water,” Bennett said.

“Over time, the chemicals we consume  from water will form and impact on the immune system. The result is a reduced ability to handle allergens. “Bennett recommends using filters is to have 100% pure water. This helps to remove heavy metals, natural and synthetic toxins, bacteria, debris…

3. Air

Cleaning the air in your living environment to blown allergy, Dr. Bennett suggests 3 tips:

- When sleeping, shut the door, the window to block the wind and fog.

- Invest in an air filter suitable for your home.

- Do not let the things that can cause allergies in your home, such as plastic or synthetic chemicals.

“We cannot see all the toxins in the air. So to be sure, you should invest an air filter to avoid allergies caused by dust mites or pollen, “Bennett advised.

  1.  Habitat

Keep your home as clean as possible, that can help you remove allergens in the air circulating around. Things cause  allergic may located in your bedroom, it is the dust in bed, bedding, pillow covers.  Therefore Bennet advised to learn the methods of removing allergens written a lot of journals, books, teaching guides eliminate mildew, dust inside.

  1. Kitchen

Non-stick pans and pots when heated or when the coating peeling may be a toxic chemical allergens. So you should use cooking utensils made of glass, ceramic or cast iron are best to avoid allergy.

“Kitchens can be one of the most irritating in the house. There may impact plastic is harmful to the body, and many kinds of pots and pans made from materials not good for health, “Dr Bennett said.

She also recommends buying glassware instead of plastic toys. “Plastic likely adverse effects to health, especially when they are heated or used for storing acidic foods like tomato sauce,” she said.

Blown allergy in 7 days
Blown allergy in 7 days
  1. Body

If the allergens from food, drink and air do not penetrate into your body, your skin is the reason. Therefore,  skin care help strengthen the immune system, the body  will not have to struggle with the disease, such as rash, dirt or bacteria.

“There are about a million bacteria growing on your skin, so it is important to clean the body, this does not mean that 2 minute shower once again. I recommend that you clean the body with light probiotic soap to remove dead skin cells. “Bennett also suggested that people should shower before going to bed to clean pollen, dust.

  1. Adjust emotions

Stress or exhaustion would be very difficult to deal with the allergen. “You cannot find a person with allergy can keep calm. People with allergies and sensitivities are more excitable, they fees the life is difficult. So I advise you to avoid stress, relaxed by deep breath, go out, mixed in nature. ” To help the body relax, Bennett also recommend that every person should consciously create a custom accustomed to living a healthy and available list of things to do during the day to avoid stress.

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