How to avoid allergies best


Allergy is a common disease, especially in the time of the transfer season, or due to sudden temperature changes. Patients often have many different expressions,  discover you suffer from allergies need to find ways to respond quickly to prevent the risk of allergy spread.

The most obvious manifestation of the disease is a rash and particularly dangerous when the body of acute urticaria. At this time, the patient will shortness of breath, drop in blood pressure quickly and suddenly, allergies throughout the body. When acute urticaria should be emergency immediately, it is best to take the patient to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible. For common allergies, you may refer to some following tips.

avoid allergies
How to avoid allergies best – 1

-You can use potato flour rubbed onto skin allergies for about 20 minutes. Should do regular every day 2 times until the manifestation of allergic diseases withdraw themselves

Mix lemon juice with one cup of warm water, add a little honey into the lemon juice, drink the fresh early morning. Taken regularly for a few months, how do you help improve the immune system in the body.

- Fruit juice is also considered as an effective treatment for allergic diseases. Quite simply, you drink 500 ml of carrot juice or carrot juice mixed with beet juice and cucumber juice, drink regularly, will also bring benefits.

- When the weather changes seasonally or too suddenly, some people are allergic to the weather causing discomfort tired body. Advice for you is to use honey. Honey, can help the body fight infection, sedation, respiratory diseases, cough, laryngitis … You can also drink 1-2 cups of green tea every day use with a little more honey. This treatment is also effective when you have allergies.

avoid allergies
How to avoid allergies best – 2

- During treatment, avoid smoking and use of alcohol.

You’ve tried many ways, but the symptoms of allergic no sign of abating, you should see a doctor to the dermatologist to get timely treatment. Do not arbitrarily buy and use allergy medicines.

-Article provides information on how to prevent allergies from natural therapies available and very easy to implement. with lemon, potatoes, honey, fruit … you can be assured, dispel fears about allergies, note that you must comply with the formula and perseverance, allergies will not keep disturb your life