An allergy treatment by honey


Many people easily get an allergy disease, the expression of this disease is quite diverse. In US, the number of patient are allergic to 40 million people. Doctors use honey as an effective anti-allergy drug.

Allergy is the reaction of the body in front of the strange thing intrusion when they impact on your body through the nose, skin, etc. For example, when you breath dust, the body will naturally respond by sneezing. However, the patient is allergic, this reaction occurs sensitive and excessive, even people are allergic season, the weather and all the harmful ingredient as pollen …

allergy treatment by honey
An allergy treatment by honey – 1

Cause of allergic disease relates to kidney and stomach. Kidney is a important organ to hold the metabolic, renal impairment leads to the metabolism process and makes weak your body and immune system. This will cause disease. It is the basis for bacteria, continuously pervade into the body. So people with allergic disease are usually weak kidney and stomach. In 1956, Adely who is a military doctor of  French army, writes in the report: “Honey is effective due to stimulates the kidney”.

To cure this disease, the most fundament improves the effective work of the immune system in your body. “Maintaining a alternate diet, ensuring that you receive  all the nutrients and necessarily elements necessary to keep a good your healthy and allergic immune.”

Honey helps the enhancement of the immune activity in body. So honey is a better option. Let you use at least one spoonful of honey mixes in tea, spread on bread, mixes in vitamins and foods … However, you should note that the using of purely fresh  honey, don’t process, sterilize. You never use honey when it is processed at high temperature, because in this condition the nutrient composition of honey will be a serious loss.

allergy treatment by honey
Cold allergy (hives) – 2

The other foods also have the high ability in allergic treatment, such as ginger, nettle, peppermint tea, chamomile, green tea, lemonade mixes with honey … However, the effect of honey is still considered the most effective.


  • The write give the effect of honey in allergic treatment. You should use daily by mixing foods and fruits. It is really a good your health.
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