Allergic conjunctivitis with additional measures and advices


This article will give readers some additional measures and advices for allergic conjunctivitis.

The additional measures:

Of course, with a specific inflammation, when you know clearly an anti-allergen, we should avoid contacting with this allergen. A series of hygiene condition factors is also recommended for patients with allergy: good ventilation, appropriate humidity around 50%, the optimal environmental temperature: 16-18 degree Celsius, against dust – mushroom – mold in the house…

When covering cold the eyelid, it can reduce lots of itching inflammation, avoids rubbing dust too much. It may cause scratch corneal.

Artificial tear or physiological serum, the lubricant on surface is used by a systematic way as mentioning above: they reduce allergen concentration in the eye and reduce the rubbing motor… the prefix of allergic inflammation.

allergic conjunctivitis
The additional measures and advices for allergic conjunctivitis – 1

The advice for patients with allergic eye:

Treatment of allergic conjunctivitis doesn’t just rely on medication. It depends on a total solution, patience, sometimes more expensive.

Environmental solution: avoid contacting with allergen; learning about geography to view where you live. This place includes these allergens. The season has many allergens, you should stay in the house. Especially, you should pay attention to the weather. Wind season make allergens develop stronger disease. Rainy season lapses pollen, dust and dirt. It can soothe the disease. You don’t get up early too because pollen density is very high in the early days; Should wear the glass to protect eyes, good personal hygiene, don’t rub your eyes, need to be careful when using chemical and cosmetic; Cleaning air, don’t abuse the contacting glass.

Drug solution: The drug help you live more comfortably with allergy. It doesn’t solve the root problem. The majority of patients satisfies with antihistamine and enduring mastocyte membrane. Combining with the types of artificial tears, lubricating products in ocular surface is the right choice for this disease. It can treat allergic disease and dry eyes.

Products with corticosteroid shouldn’t use continuous or prolonged. You have to pay attention with the complication of it such as glaucoma, cataract. Several patients use rarely systemic tract drug, if they are accompanied by sinusitis or asthma.

allergic conjunctivitis
The additional measures and advices for allergic conjunctivitis – 2


The article mentions the additional measures in allergic conjunctivitis treatment. The advices for allergic conjunctivitis is essentially for patients. You should or shouldn’t avoid things. You need to know things. Of course, the aim of it brings you a good health. You can only use the drug to soothe this disease and have a healthy life. Let you share this useful information with your families and friends. I believe that this article will help everybody prevent easily this disease. If you believe of this, your health improve too much.