The symptoms of allergic condom disease


If you meet the symptoms below, you may be allergic condom, let you find another contraceptives measures, to safer for your health: Research shows that women get usually allergic condom more than men. Allergies make “vagina” be hives, swelling, rash, itch … and the accompanying symptoms are dizziness, nausea. Allergic condom often is due to rubber plastic, lubricant is used in “raincoat” or sometimes is allergic with two factors above. These allergic reactions may occur after a few minutes or a few hours when contacting condom with typical symptoms as follow:

allergic condom
The symptoms of allergic condom disease – 1
  1. Itch and discomfort

Itch is one of the first symptoms of any kind of allergy, and allergic condom can quite trouble and embarrass. Men who get allergic condom, can be itched from mild to serious in genital area. Men can be itched along the penis and around the inguinal area in genital area. Itch can also occurs in any other area, has contacted with condom. Besides, if people with allergy have oral sexual activity, the lip tongue and throat can also be itched.

  1. Hot sense

A popular symptom with allergic condom is hot sense. Men may be felt hot in the vagina inside, on the penis and on the part of any skin area contact with condom.

  1. Rash

Rash usually appears within eight hours of contacting with condom. Rash condition is from mild to moderate. It can be itched and burned, appears pink or red pimples. Skin can be also peeled when scratching. Rash can quite trouble, don’t always make discomfort.

  1. Blister

Allergic condom often develops after prolonged contacting and heavily or mildly  depend on contacting time. the results of blister can a surrounding form or in the areas with the contact of repeating condom. This blister is the result of the immune system to self-protect you against the rubber material in condom that it is considered as a dangerous in your body.

allergic condom
The symptoms of allergic condom disease – 2
  1. Vesicle

Allergy with latex plastic becomes more and more worsen if you contact many times. As a result, vesicle can form around or in the areas with the contact of repeating condom. Vesicle is the result of the immune system, is trying self-protect your body against latex in condom. Vesicle can usually make painful, and you should not squeeze them if you are unwanted the spread of fluid outside and spread other skin areas on the body.

NoteWhen women have signs of allergic condom, should suggest your husband change other fit condom styles, avoid the use of floating condom, unknown origin in ads, don’t choose new, oversized, just effect the health room, easily arise sexual deviance.

People have an allergic condom symptoms, if only using for contraceptive purpose, you should change to other contraceptive measures such as contraceptive pill or the IUD. However, this alternative measures don’t help you prevent transmission of sexually diseases.


  • Giving out the symptoms of allergic condom disease
  • Going you advise for effective contraceptive measures
  • Should not abuse the condom due to effect serious to your health