The expression of milk allergies condition


Milk is one of the widely product used in daily life in the world. Dairy products or foods which contain dairy ingredients, are extremely rich in items, from nonfat milk, high-energy milk, milk for children with diarrhea disease, to candies, chocolate, food nutrition. Children is main customers who consume milk and products from milk. The effective of nutritional milk, perhaps anyone clearly understand, however, a no small problem relate to milk that you can know, it is allergy problems.

milk allergies
The expression of milk allergies condition – 1

The expression of milk allergies condition

The symptoms of cow milk allergies condition generally occurs within the first 6 month of age and will lie in one of two types of expressions: fast or slow reaction. Therein the expression of slow allergies reaction is clinically seen.

The expression of fast allergies reaction suddenly occurs with the symptoms such as vomiting, wheezing, rash, swelling face, or serious systemic reaction circumstance. Children who are sensitive milk, only use towel sticky a little milk to wiped their mouth or drink glass of water with other children which sticky a little milk, can also cause allergic reaction.

The expression of slow allergies reaction are mild, not clear. These symptoms suggest allergic condition including: children feel irritable, frequently crying, vomiting, abdomen pain, liquid manure (may have less blood in excrement), slow weight gain and the growth don’t reach normally level. This clinical style is often difficultly to diagnose because the symptoms can also be found in many other disease. Most children in this clinical style can tolerate milk products at 2 years old. Discrimination between the symptoms of lactose intolerance with cow milk allergy. Lactose intolerance  has usually the symptoms such as: distention, flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhea due to undigested lactose in milk ingredients.

milk allergies
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  • Milk products are enjoyable in world, don’t be a part of life, However, when using milk products, you should attend  milk ingredients. Because it is caused  milk allergies disease.
  • The symptoms of milk allergies disease make kids usually feel tired. Mothers need to consult doctors ideal.