Symptoms of Allergies


Most allergy weather occurs when change seasons from hot to cold and vice versa. Signs of allergies are often seen as redness and itching skin. When discovered suffering from allergies, you need to find a way to respond quickly to prevent the risk of spreading the allergy.

  1. Rash

Rash is one of the most obvious symptoms of allergies. Often, the rash is caused by a food allergy, but sometimes the agents as environmental factors, the use of drugs … the culprit as well.

Symptoms of Allergies
Symptoms of Allergies – 1

2. Allergic rhinitis

Causes of allergic rhinitis are usually caused by dust or pollen. In addition, allergic rhinitis can also be caused by irritation from your body with the kind of canned products or dairy.

3. Eczema

The nodules allergic will often rashes and scabs appear at the top, and will grow close to the face, knees and elbows. If unfortunately the “victim” of evidence eczema, you should avoid the body through sweating, or avoid dry weather.

If you do not adhere to the above principles, your status will become worse. The main reason causing stock Eczema is caused by allergies to foods such as wheat, eggs, milk and fish.

4. Swelling blistering or redness of skin

Allergies often cause your skin to swell, especially the skin around the lips or face is the “object” attacks mainly. Most types of allergies are usually caused by eating seafood or eggs

Symptoms of Allergies
Symptoms of Allergies – 2

5. Trouble in the digestive system

Manifestations such as diarrhea, vomiting or constipation can also be symptoms of a food allergy. But it can also be a sign of the body’s response to foods is “recruited” into. If you are not sure the cause of that abnormal expression, you can go to see a doctor to be examined and conclusions are accurate.

6. Acute urticaria

This is a very dangerous symptom, but it is encouraging that this symptom is also the least common manifestation of allergies. When acute urticaria, the patient will have shortness of breathing, low blood pressure and sudden fast, allergies throughout the body. Remember when acute urticaria should be fast emergency, it is best to quickly bring the patient to the nearest medical facility before it is too late.