Expression of allergic conjunctivitis


It must be said that the symptoms of disease or physiological expression are difficult to distinguish. We can be redness, watery eyes when crying, being cold or going out the wind. With conjunctivitis isn’t caused by allergy.

The symptoms of it are lightly eyelid edema, reddish eyes due to vasodilation. It proves that histamine has less the pathological role. In contrast, the allergic group, the symptoms occur consecutively: serious red eyes, itching too much, strong edema, clearly swelling allergic conjunctivitis. The role of disease is clear due to histamine and eosinophil. Histamine is released out next to the nerve, which causes itching and edema. Then the aggregation of eosinophil may explain the expression above.

allergic conjunctivitis
Expression of allergic conjunctivitis – 1

The context of inflammatory hypersensitivity is very rich

The allergic conjunctivitis with the expression of swelling and red eyes, the causes and contexts appear very different. The search for related diseases or the heavy symptoms make the expression of eyes play an important role. The examination usually begins by observing carefully, palpating eyelid and face area, looking for exfoliative skin – making vasodilation or having symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Learning about the quality and quantity of the tear film. It also plays an important role. The tear film covers on the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva including 3 shallow to deep layers: the fat layer, water layer and mucus layer. The quality of tears can be evaluated by breaking the tear film time (BTU). The quantity of tears can be identified by Schirmer test. The deeper analysis of the mucus layer, we have a Rose Bengal dye method or vert de lissamine. The fat layer can be observed in the microscope or Kowa.

With all the means and the knowledge, the doctor’s diagnosis is still very confused. Because the inflammation of the eyeball surface is very diverse. Dry eyes syndrome is also a very large interface of the pathological process:

  • In dry eye syndrome, people find the decreased quantity of tears and the increased permeability. They cause excessive reaction of the conjunctiva
  • When the decreased quantity of tears, the solid of allergen in the tear film increases significantly. It will spark an allergic reaction.
  • On the hand, in patients with dry eyes, people see the penetration of antibodies and immune cells, which appear in the inflammatory response. This explains why the threshold of response in patients with dry eyes is higher than ordinary people with a stimulating factor.
  • The use of eye drops lasts, it causes the hypersensitive phenomenon type I or type IV, as well as destroying the structure of the tear film under mechanism of intoxication.

In addition to dry eye, the secreted disease group of Meibomus gland makes the analyzing cause of allergic conjunctivitis become difficult.

allergic conjunctivitis
Expression of allergic conjunctivitis – 2

 The article mentions the expression of allergic conjunctivitis. It appears many symptoms in the body. Patients always feel discomfort. If you get this disease, you should go to see your doctor to examine and treat it immediately. Your doctor tells you about the state of your health and the proper treatment. You feel easy and treat under guidance of the doctor.