Allergic rhinitis and symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children


Children with allergic rhinitis is often chronic, or recurrent. When children with allergic rhinitis will be nasal itching, nasal sneezing, nasal congestion, snivel, running nose.

It cause them feel discomfort . Children becomes pale and slow development. If parents don’t treat promptly, children rhinitis prolong, long days. It can change very heavy as sore throat, sinusitis. Acute rhinitis or a cold is a popular phenomenon, it can be said that nobody can’t avoid this disease. Disease has strongly spread feature, especially transforming the season. Now scientists don’t isolate from bacteria by the cold, however, the majority is due to virus groups.

allergic rhinitis in children
Allergic rhinitis and symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children – 2

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children :

  • First, children can be nasal itching, sneezing many times or one by one, headache pain, tired limb pain. Fever is about 39oC. In daytime, children is lethargy. The night, they  begin to cry, make the mother always pick on hand. If in infant, nose can easily be congestion by small nostrils while babies don’t have the habit of mouth breathing, make them shortness of breath. Children is always crying, has the phenomenon of traction on the epigastriumand and supraclavicular. Two nasal cavity can be red congested and stagnant many mucus. Babies suck hard because every time latching on mother, make babies suffocate, cyanotic or not suck sulked and crying. They may be diarrhea, vomiting and skinny.
  • The disease lasts about 3-5 days, remission: less nasal running, easily breathing, the temperature returns normal but symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting also extend in 2 days. The disease causes serious complications such as ear mastoiditis infection, neurotoxicity, bronchitis, retropharyngealis.
  • Besides, commonly acute allergic rhinitis in children, we also meet a lot of other diseases such as rhinitis due to gonorrhea, lemon yellow rhinitis, diphtheria rhinitis, diphtheria, syphilis rhinitis.
allergic rhinitis in children
Allergic rhinitis and symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children – 1

 The write mention to allergic rhinitis and symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children. It shows that anybody get easily this disease, especially in babies. So when parents find out symptoms of this disease in babies, they should give their babies go to the doctor, make this disease not become worse. There is many symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It makes babies always feel discomfort, impact on their health.