6 signs of food allergies


Following is the 6 signs of food allergies you should know


Rash is a common symptomof signs of food allergies. The first manifestation of rashes appears red acnes  very itchy, they grow in an areas or spread into larger areas of the body. However, all cases does not rash is also food allergies, sometimes can  be allergic to the environment, drug allergies or other factors

Skin redness or swelling

Allergies often have redness or swelling of the skin, especially around the lips area or face. The seafood and eggs are the actors are hypoallergenic and easy to cause the phenomenon of swelling or redness in the skin.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is mainly due to the environment, climate change or pollen causes. Rhinitis is also common signs of food allergies being allergic to dairy products. So if the weather changes (becomes more comfortable), allergy symptoms have not improved, you can think of allergies due to food.

6 signs of food allergies
6 signs of food allergies
The phenomenon of eczema

Eczema is a common signs of food allergies being allergic to milk, eggs, fish and wheat. That dermatitis makes patients feel very itchy and painful. The scaly rash often grows near the face, elbows and knees. This situation may become worse due to sweat, clothes or dry weather and very difficult to treat.


Food allergies can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and constipation, especially for those who are allergic to dairy products. Also, digestive disorders can also be signs of the condition cannot tolerate certain foods, lactose intolerant and gluten in food.

Acute urticaria
6 signs of food allergies
6 signs of food allergies

Acute urticaria is a rarely allergy symptoms and manifestations are usually very clear. It is a condition of allergic reactions evident throughout the body, causing difficulty in breathing due to airway swelling and a sudden drop in blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. Acute urticaria usually develops very quickly when exposed to allergens, so will easily find the cause of allergies.

When appearing in acute urticaria have an emergency immediately. Subscribe signs of food allergies if they still progressive, you should call an ambulance immediately and implement all measures necessary emergency request of the doctor.

  • The article gives about 6 signs of food allergies include: Rash. Skin Redness or Swelling, allergic rhinitis, The Phenomenon of eczema, dyspepsia, Acute urticaria. Readers learn thoroughly to find out your status and your loved ones. From which have a reasonable treatment.