Biological criteria of allergic conjunctivitis


    The biological criteria of allergic conjunctivitis is divided into 4 groups:

    • § Seasonal conjunctivitis often accompanies with seasonal rhinitis
    • § Conjunctival year round
    • § Conjunctivitis in the spring accompanies with asthma
    • § Allergic conjunctivitis (eye disease in the context of atopic dermatitis)

    It has the same biological criteria for diagnosis: the increase of mastocyste cell, the amount of histamine, the toxic protein ECP and EMBP, the interleukine as IL5, the marqueur relates to macrophages as HLA DR in the tear film. It says immediately that all these indexes are not specific for allergic conjunctivitis, not play an important role in the diagnosis. It helps the doctor monitor the progression of disease.

    allergic conjunctivitis
    The biological criteria of allergic conjunctivitis – 1

    The allergen test on the skin or test of specific serum IgE antibodies indicates specific antigen that eye contact. About 20 allergens in the air, 64 allergens for skin testing (prick test). The doctor can check eyes drop for the diagnosis of the allergen to the eyes. The role in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the test is also relative.

    Conjunctivitis with enormous papilla, another proof of the combination of multiple pathophysiological mechanisms: immune disorder, rubbing motor and intoxication.

    This is an allergic conjunctivitis that people know. The disease occurs in people with contacting the glass. They don’t imply strictly the hygienic glass process. Apparently the disease is caused due to mechanical friction between the glass and conjunctivitis. Especially patients with atopic allergy. Besides, there is also the participating of immune complexes and inflammatory cells. The chronic inflammation of Meibomius gland reduces an amount of fat in the tear film and makes harmful the tear film. It is considered a heavy factor of the disease.

    allergic conjunctivitis
    Expression of allergic conjunctivitis – 2

    The work of the doctor separates the following disorders, which takes part in conjunctivitis due to hypersensitivity or no-hypersensitivity: meibomus disorder, dry eyes, and other infection. The contextual factors need to note: using of air condition, working with the computer, using regular eyes drop with many preservations. All this work helps us identify: the factors cause a heave reaction that it is only normal physiology.

     The article mentions the biological criteria of allergic conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis has the symptoms and makes the discomfort sensation in patients. Your doctor depends on the criteria of the disease. They can examine and treat reasonable in order to improve your health. Your body is always healthy.