Modern life hidden many factors of allergies


    Modern life hidden many factors of allergies

    The study of several universities of the United States about allergy, asthma and immunology shows that: in the United States, there are about 50 million people with allergy and asthma every year; many people can get the symptoms of allergy when the season transforms, such as the late fall or early spring. Allergic specialist doctor Richard Weber is a member of the allergy and immunology United States department says that: people with allergy due to dust and pollen inhale this dust and gas. Their body responds by secreting a chemical, which is called histamine. It makes ophthalmic mucous, nose and sinuses swell, causes runny nose and tears. Allergic specialist doctor James Sublett at the university of Louiseville medicine says that: mentioning dust, thinking about kinds of allergens as microorganism dust, cockroach allergy, the types of dust in the house, also are allergic to tobacco, air filter tube or heater. Approximately 4% of Americans can be the food allergy when contacting with the food in salad, peanut or sauce; those who have asthma, while sitting near the smoke of the oven, they  can develop easy the disease.

    Modern life hidden many factors of allergies
    Modern life hidden many factors of allergies

    There are many causes of allergies, we have been known several causes for centuries as: pollen, insects, the foods as peanut, egg, milk, crab, shrimp, tuna…; animal hair as dog hair, cat hair… kinds of chemicals as hair dyes, shampoos, medicines… In addition to the causes above, nowadays with the development of modern life, the factors of allergies become very diverse: the number of pets in the home increase. People and animals live together in a narrow space. So, the number of people with respiratory allergy due to animals is constantly increasing.

    Because of environmental pollution by solid waste, liquid waste, gas waste from factories and industrial parks… make residents live in the polluted place who have the risk of allergy higher than other people are living in the fresh air. The apartment is an ideal place for people in the major cities. However, the apartment is designed in isolation, lack of light and wind. It makes them hide allergic elements as smoke, dust, chemical smell… increases the risk of allergy for residents in here. The detergents and disinfectants common keep your house clean. However, the downside of them which has many factors of allergy can cause the disease for you and your families. Air conditioner, heater and washing machine… are the indispensable equipment in modern families. It makes people with sensitive be allergic. Stress from work pressure, security, financial… infectious disease, cigarette and alcohol addiction… will quickly increase the quantity of patients with allergy.

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    There are many factors of allergies in modern life. It affects directly to your health. So, you should stay away the allergens. However, you don’t sometimes get off them. If you can be the allergy with any substance, let you restrict contact with it in order to protect your health. If the state of your health becomes badly, you go to see your doctor. At a hospital, the doctor gives several useful advice for you. In here, you will be treated by the allergic specialist doctors. Your health will improve better.