Fearfully allergic syndrome at a baby 1 year old


    Benjamine Williams (1 year old) lived in the UK. He can get fearfully allergic syndrome to all things around. Even the caressing tenderness of parents could also cause painful for him.”Cake” dish for a first birthday of Benjamine was a piece watermelon with a candle. This cute boy must avoid drinking water, did not eat chocolate and could not be injected or took medication.

    His parents had listed a list of things that their son was allergic dangerous if touched. This list included bottled water, dairy products and corn, but this list still continued to last and implemented.

    Fearfully allergic syndrome at a baby 1 year old
    Fearfully allergic syndrome at a baby 1 year old

    Benjamine skin was very sensitive, even the caressing tenderness of the parents can also cause pain. Doctors concerned that he could get cerebral palsy and could not walk or talk.

    When the symptoms reduced, they diagnosed that he could get gastroesophageal reflux disease without knowing the real cause, which made Benjamin sickness and diarrhea. This was a series of fearfully allergic syndrome.

    In the next months, his mother began to worry that mother’s milk could cause the disease and his condition had been improved when transformed to formula milk.

    Through the process of “trial and error”, his mother had set out a long list of things that the thing could make him sick and eventually found the 5 “safe” food for the baby – chicken, potato, carrot, banana and watermelon.

    His mother said: “There were too many things, which could make harmful for my son – at least 40 things at this time – but it could be too much than we did not know. Broccoli, mashed potato, soy, dairy products, cucumber, tomato, cream numb… the list still kept on again. Once when we went on holiday in Portugal, I had tried watching my son had or hadn’t allergic to bottled water – and I made sure. “

    Fearfully allergic syndrome at a baby 1 year old
    Fearfully allergic syndrome at a baby 1 year old

    Benjamin, now 20 months old, was using steroids and other drugs to control his disease – this disease was called for inflammatory bowel syndrome due to protein foods (FPIES) – made the body appear “violently” reaction with some protein.

    FPIES syndrome caused the small intestine and colon inflammation, led to heavy diarrhea and vomiting. It was very different from the common allergy, because reactions occurred later after a few hours and didn’t have the warning signs such as a rash or swelling.

    The most common agent was dairy products and soy. However, all foods could cause FPIES reaction. It included rice, oat, some vegetables and meats such as chicken and turkey.

    • The article gives an illustrated example of an allergic syndrome in babies. To find the allergy, doctors are difficult to diagnose this disease. Because the patient can be allergic to any things and the symptoms of it also similar to several other diseases. This leads to mistaken diagnosis and treats ineffective. Needing to have the support of the family and mention the expressions of the baby at this present time. Doctors will easy diagnose the disease and find the reasonable methods for the baby.