The electronic nose detects known allergens


    To know a dish that you haven’t ever eaten to cause allergic or not, you can ask the chef to cook it from what ingredients, how to cook. But there is no one to ask, then you ask a new device by the Swiss manufacturing engineers, called “Food allergen detector” that the author is the inventor Eril Borg.

    In essence, it is an “electronic nose” – smell experts – to determine in a particular dish you haven’t ever eaten, for example, when traveling cuisine, before experiencing a special food in a region, check the food that you are going to eat contains  ingredients that may irritate or not. Because of the body, you may be allergic to some foods, but others do not, such as shrimp, crab, seafood.

    That detector compact and simple. Simply put “it’s nose” to close the food, press the button and wait. The smell of food rises, goes to a chemical analysis apparatus very delicate and sensitive because of a sensor system.

    electronic nose
    The electronic nose detects known allergens

    In a very short time to receive and process information, it will let you know the results. If food ingredients are not suitable for you, Food allergen detector signals will let you know by the color of the screen (like traffic signs): Red – with allergen application, and  will appear that the words that are what matter. If the screen is green – all go well, can be assured that enjoy this exciting specialties.

    The article provides information about a new tool to detect allergens in food: Electronic nose detects known allergens. That’s great! simple and not time consuming of you.We will not need to worry about the removal of the food harmful to health