Does skin allergy test have its side effects?


Check the skin is slightly annoying, but generally well-tolerated, even young children. itching and swelling typically local subsides within 1-2 hours. Both types of skin test with little or no pain. Allergy skin testing is relatively painless and there is little risk of side effects. However, positive reactions cause acne causes itchy annoying that look and feel like a mosquito bite. Itching and bumps are gone usually within minutes or hours short. Very rarely, serious allergic reactions (eg, anaphylaxis) have been reported as a result of skin allergy testing food.

Skin allergy test

Any medical examination related to a number of risks. The risk with the skin allergy test allergy symptoms can occur during testing. The risk for allergy blood tests is pain or bleeding at the needle. Also, some people may faint during a blood test.

The most common side effects of experimental skin slightly swollen, red, itchy bumps (wheals). The wheals may be most noticeable in the time trial. Usually these side effects, if any, are mild itching and red skin. This can last for a few hours to a day. In some people, however, the area of ​​swelling, redness and itching can develop a few hours after the test and persist until a couple of days.

Many serious stretching or swelling can be treated with oral antihistamines, steroid creams in place and an ice pack. Sometimes patients will experience dizziness or feel dizzy and needed to lie down. Severe allergic reactions from allergy testing in asthma are very rare. In these occasions, systemic reactions can occur from skin testing in a highly sensitive individual. System reacts instantly more popular with more skin prick or puncture test

Recommendations to reduce the risk of system response:

  1. The method is lit before the application of the test in the skin
  2. Food Avoid skin test
  3. Eliminate the use of beta blockers
  4. Kidney important in children with eczema who underwent prick tests with fresh food
  5. There are trained to recognize the early symptoms of anaphylaxis and emergency equipment

Some medicines affect the skin allergy test. The allergy will tell you if you have to change the dressing before the skin allergy test.

Skin allergy test

Skin allergy test is not always accurate because the results can be difficult to read especially in people who are taking antihistamines, who are tested for food allergens (rather than inhaled allergens), and those with eczema or a skin condition. In addition to skin allergy test, the doctor may perform other tests (eg, blood tests, food challenges, tests of bronchial provocation or nose, nasal smears) to confirm the presence or absence presence of an allergy.